David “Bull” Baker Memorial Scholarship

In honor of the late General David “Bull” Baker, U.S. Air Force, a POW who dedicated his life to honorably serving his country and the pursuit of knowledge by supporting continuing education for service members, University of Arkansas Grantham has created the David “Bull” Baker Memorial Scholarship.

General Baker entered the Air Force and was commissioned in 1969. He was a highly decorated combat veteran fighter pilot and the only Air Force POW repatriated from Cambodia at the end of the Vietnam War. He remained on active duty and returned to combat and flew 20 missions in the F-15E during Operation Desert Storm.

General Baker also served in the Pentagon as Vice Director for Operational Plans and Joint Force Development, J-7, Joint Chiefs of Staff. In that position he was responsible for formulating Joint Professional Military Education policy and programs; conducting the Process for Accreditation of Joint Education; coordinating periodic review of all Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) curricula; and providing Joint Staff oversight to Centers for Regional Security Studies.

General Baker served on University of Arkansas Grantham’s Board of Governors from 2006 until his passing in 2009. In his honor, University of Arkansas Grantham is pleased to offer annually one full scholarship for an active duty, reservist, or National Guard member of the U.S. Air Force to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be a member of the U.S. Air Force. Applicants must serve on active duty, as a reservist, or member of the Air National Guard (official proof of military status must be supplied with application).
  • Applicants must meet University of Arkansas Grantham’s minimum admissions requirements.
  • Applicants must meet any special program admissions requirements.
  • Applicants must be enrolled or plan to enroll in a degree program.
  • Applicants who are current students must be in good academic standing and have no financial holds on their account.
  • Applicants must submit a completed scholarship application and all required materials by the published application deadline.
  • Applicants must complete a 500-750 word essay on, “How a degree will make a difference in my career.”

Continuing Eligibility Requirements

  • Scholarship recipient must begin studies at University of Arkansas Grantham within six months following award of the scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipient must maintain good academic standing.**
  • Scholarship recipient must remain continuously enrolled.**
  • Authorization for a degree change must receive prior approval from the University of Arkansas Grantham Scholarship committee.

Selection Criteria

The scholarship recipient will be selected by the University of Arkansas Grantham Scholarship Committee based on the following criteria:

  • All initial eligibility requirements met
  • Quality of the essay
  • Content properly addresses the essay question
  • Organization of ideas
  • Proper formatting, grammar, spelling and other writing mechanics

As a condition of accepting the scholarship, each applicant will be asked to grant permission to University of Arkansas Grantham to release information contained in the scholarship application to the news media in the event that he or she is awarded a scholarship as part of the David “Bull” Baker Memorial Scholarship. Additionally, the scholarship recipient must provide a biography and photo for use by University of Arkansas Grantham. Applicants will be notified of the Scholarship Committee’s decision via email approximately 30 days after the scholarship application deadline. Following receipt of the Scholarship Committee’s decision, the chosen recipient must respond to the Committee within 30 days indicating his or her intent to accept the scholarship. Should the chosen recipient fail to timely respond to the Committee, the scholarship will be awarded to the next highest qualifying applicant.

* Estimate based on current tuition rates

**As defined in the University of Arkansas Grantham Catalog

NOTE: The scholarship will only cover the costs of tuition for courses, textbooks, software and fees required for the recipient’s chosen degree program. Courses outside of the degree program may be taken, but at the expense of the scholarship recipient. The University of Arkansas Grantham Scholarship Committee reserves the right not to award the scholarship if there is not a qualified applicant.

Applications will be accepted from May 1, 2021 to July, 31, 2021.