4 Cybersecurity Skills that Can Help Prevent Computer Hacking

By John Koehler October 17, 2019

Just like the cyberworld, the term “computer hacking” has evolved tremendously. It was initially used in the mid-1900s as a positive term to describe people who had an impressive mastery of computers.1 Now, it refers to the malicious and harmful changes made to computer software or hardware in order to disclose confidential information or achieve a goal outside of what the user intended.2 When caught, this dangerous crime can leave hackers facing up to 20 years in prison.3 With the risks and consequences of internet hacking being quite severe, it is imperative that cyber professionals have the skills and knowledge to combat cybercrimes.

More than 70 percent of IT professionals have said their company has experienced a drastic cybersecurity skills gap that has made them vulnerable to online attacks, and 25 percent of them have lost data due to this gap.4 So, as someone pursuing the cybersecurity profession, what can you do to close the skills gap? And what skills are necessary to succeed in this industry? Here are four technical skills and soft skills that can improve your knowledge of cybercrimes and fight against computer hacking.

1. A Passion for Problem-Solving

Sometimes, security disasters happen. When they do, you need to know how to overcome them. During these technological crises, it is your passion for problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will produce answers and drive results. Part of solving electronic security problems is being able to perform independent research and resolve the issues you come across. The ability to troubleshoot and find solutions on your own is noted as one of the top skills to have in the cybersecurity profession.5 University of Arkansas Grantham's Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security can give you the tools and skills to fix computer hacking issues to help companies and individuals maintain online security.

2. Technical Knowledge

To build cybersecurity solutions, you must know how to maintain database security and have a wide knowledge of networks, hardware, software and the digital world. A recent study reported that the top three technical database skills that hiring managers look for in job candidates is knowledge in Java, Javascript, C+ and SQL.6 Effectively using Microsoft Excel is also an important skill that recruiters in the cybersecurity field look for when hiring.7 One of the best ways to develop these skills is by receiving formal training in online security. UA Grantham’s Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security can give you the formal technical training you need to succeed.

3. Knowledge of Mobile Technology

Employers are increasingly on the hunt for professionals who have experience working with both desktop and mobile technology. According to a 2016 study by Smart Insights, the number of people who use their cell phones for their day-to-day technological needs is about one million people more than the number of people who use desktop computers.8 Because of this, many hiring managers seek people who have mobile web and app development skills to manage mobile data and accommodate mobile technology users.5

4. Attention to Detail

Fixing security issues is much like building or taking apart a car. From the outside, everything looks pretty straight-forward, but once you dig a little deeper you find that there are hundreds—even thousands—of tiny, yet important, details that keep the car safe and functioning at its highest level. Just like car mechanics, cybersecurity analysts must be able to look at the broader scheme of a database’s software or hardware and pinpoint what exactly is causing a security problem.

Learn to Fight Computer Hacking at University of Arkansas Grantham

UA Grantham’s Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security is a degree program than can give you the skills necessary to combat computer hacking and help you improve in your entry-level cybersecurity job. Contact us today to advance your knowledge of the cyberworld!

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