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UA Grantham partners with corporations, agencies, and organizations to deliver learning and development solutions for workforce needs. Whether you are looking to offer access to customized training or one of our 50+ degree programs delivered 100% online, provide your contact information and we’ll get in touch.
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Maximize Your Workforce

More and more, employers are offering tuition assistance as a strategic employee benefit. Why? Because when you pay for your employees' education, everybody wins.

Top Talent Recruitment

The benefits of higher education are attractive to job-seekers. When you offer tuition assistance, high-quality candidates are more likely to accept a position with your company.

New Skills, New Ideas

One of the most prevalent reasons employees use their company's tuition assistance program is to keep pace with or get ahead of changes in their position.1 Employees want current information and relevant skills, which translates to innovation and proactive thinking in the workplace.

Increased Staff Retention

Working adults want the chance to learn and earn at the same time, and those who use tuition assistance programs feel loyal to their employer. In fact, 76% of employees say a tuition reimbursement program would make them more likely to remain at their organization.1

Flexible Education Options

There are several ways an employee can use a tuition assistance program—they can complete a full degree, earn a certificate or just take individual courses. Regardless of the path they choose, employees who continue their education become more valuable and effective team members.

Say their continued education makes them effective employees.1
Say tuition assistance is among the top three benefits.1
Are more likely to recommend their employer because of tuition assistance.1