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University of Arkansas Grantham online certificate programs offer you specialized instruction in a specific field or area of study. Our certificate programs are designed to be completed in less than a year, and you must have a high school diploma or equivalent to begin. Graduate-level certificate programs require a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Some credits earned from online certificate programs may be transferrable toward a University of Arkansas Grantham undergraduate or graduate degree.

When is a certificate program right for you?

There is one thing constant about society as you know it – it is frequently changing. With this change, people are expected to evolve along with it, providing modifications to their own way of thinking that aligns with what society expects. While people are always encouraged to maintain their independent thinking, a certain level of adaption is necessary in order to be an active and successful member of society. Educational institutions have provided students with many diverse options for increasing their abilities as professionals and advancing within their current fields. One of the most intriguing options for upcoming students and current professionals is certificate programs.

Certificate programs are a great way for people to move towards having a career that provides well for their family and their lifestyle. There are so many different variations of degree programs available that it can be difficult for upcoming students to choose the path that is appropriate for what they want. At the most basic level, students can enroll in certificate programs that can help to jumpstart their educational experience and give them an advantage over others seeking the same positions. These types of programs can even help students become familiar with the collegiate environment prior to enrolling in higher level degree programs such as the associate or bachelor's degree.

In many trade fields and entry-level jobs, people may apply in large groups. This can mean a bigger pool of applicants for employers to choose from, which can mean a lower probability that you are the one that gets the job. One of the best aspects of certificate programs is that they can give you an advantage over others. Learning more about your chosen field and receiving a certificate stating that you have successfully completed the training can be a great way to stand out among others hoping for the same position.

Certificate programs may also be a great way to gain more knowledge and expertise within your chosen area of study. Many different colleges offer certificate programs that are relevant to the fields of business, computer science, healthcare and even education. These gigantic fields are some of the biggest employers present within the country, making them great options for upcoming students that are looking for a ticket into these employment areas. Combining these certificate programs with work experience in your future could even lead into better opportunities throughout the years.

Why certificate programs are good for current professionals

Colleges offer certificate programs within a large number of specialty fields found in society. While many new college students believe these are great options for a quick-fix for entry-level employment, people that are currently employed can benefit from them just as much. Current professionals that make the decision to engage in certificate programs can possibly obtain better opportunities due to their additional effort to further their education.

Certificate programs can provide professionals with the continuing education required to advance in their current positions. Some certificate programs can provide people with additional knowledge, evolving technology changes in their field and additional regulatory and legal information pertaining to their area of expertise. Employers may look for signs of dedication and effort within their employees when deciding which person to advance when the time arises.

Individuals that have experience working in their chosen field can improve their resume with the addition of a relevant certificate. For example, a teacher that moves on to receive a certificate in special education could open up more opportunities within her current line of work. Business professionals that receive certification in IT could be seen as assets to companies that deal in sales and technology. There are many different combination opportunities available to professionals that are willing to take the time to engage in these beneficial certificate programs.

Professionals that have full-time positions may sneer at the idea of going back to college to complete another degree. However, when you are feeling stuck in your current position, you may feel like this is your only option to finding a career that proves your worth as a professional. Certificate programs can provide learners with the additional expertise they desire without the 2-4 year commitment of higher degree programs. If you are interested in going to higher places, but do not wish to commit to years of additional education, 1-2 year certificate programs may be the best option for you.

Just like additional training is a major aspect of most career fields, obtaining certification in different areas can help you to achieve the same goal. Employers may constantly push you to expand your boundaries and gain more information about your current field, which is something that could help you advance when the opportunity arises. If you are currently employed but are looking for something more with your career, obtaining a certificate can be a great way to open more doors in your field.