Advanced Cybersecurity (Certificate Program)

The Advanced Cybersecurity certificate program can provide you with the skills to provide safe and secure information systems and networks. Courses in this program may prepare you for risk management, computer authorization methods, and recovery from unforeseen attacks or disasters. This program may include practical experiences and research to facilitate learning skills for use in the field. Certificate programs focusing on Advanced Cybersecurity can be a great complementary asset to existing degree programs in information technology, computer engineering or criminal justice. This certificate program may also be a great first step if you are considering a move into the field of cybersecurity. The goal of this program is to provide you with the knowledge of basic security programming and methods so that you can become a valuable asset to your employer.

Business Leadership (Certificate Program)

The certificate program in Business Leadership provides you with the opportunity to learn more about what it means to be a leader in today’s business. Managing large teams of employees, financial management, decision making and communications are just a few of the many subjects you can expect to explore in this program. Many students choose to pursue this certificate as a complement to an existing degree, while others may simply wish to use this certificate as a method for obtaining entry-level positions in the field. The ultimate goal of a certificate program like this one is to allow you to explore concepts related to specialty fields that interest you.

Cybersecurity Concepts (Certificate Program)

UA Grantham’s Cybersecurity Concepts program provides you with knowledge and insight into the field of cybersecurity from a professional standpoint. This program includes courses that focus on information security, current practices in the field that can strengthen overall security, and a look at the importance of networks from the inside out. You can learn skills in this program that can assist you with making computer information networks safer, which can increase the overall quality of company in which you are employed. If you have the desire to move forward into higher degree programs after completing this program, the curriculum can work as a great foundation for your goal. You can also pursue a diverse array of entry-level positions in the IT field after completing this program.

Electronic Health Records (Certificate Program)

Work to improve patient care in an administrative role with the Electronic Health Records Certificate. Courses in the program teach you to organize patient health data, ensure that the data is accurate and secure, utilize medical coding terms, understand regulations surrounding patient information, and more. Students in the program are given the opportunity to complete the Certified Electronic Health Record Specialist (CEHRS) Certification Exam—a designation that will give employers confidence in your skills during your job search. The demand for health admin professionals who can navigate new technology continues to grow, which makes this certificate program an excellent choice for those looking for relevant and upcoming careers in healthcare.

Human Resources (Certificate Program)

If you have a background in the field of business or are simply looking for a way to get your foot in the door as a Human Resources specialist, this certificate program through University of Arkansas Grantham may be an ideal program for you. This program can provide you with introductory insight into how a human resources department operates, as well as teach you more about benefits, employee training, and the hiring process. Additional concepts presented throughout this certificate program may include those related to workplace ethics and conflict management. This human resources program can prepare you for potential entry-level positions in an HR department after completion. This certificate program can also be a great addition to an existing bachelor’s degree in a business-related field.

Human Resources (Graduate) (Certificate Program)

The Human Resources (Graduate) program focuses on the analysis of human resource management theories and development. The courses comprised will involve active engagement of management of human resource professionals toward strategic organizational goals and policy. The Human Resources (Graduate) certificate program builds from the undergraduate certificate and the BBA in Human Resources, moving from a technical and operational focus to a strategic and policy focus that requires in-depth general management and HR management practice knowledge. Upon completion of this program, graduates may enter management level positions in human resource management or labor relations. Graduates may also continue their education and transfer courses from the certificate program to master’s degree programs.

Introduction to Programming (Certificate Program)

Grantham’s Introduction to Programming is a great certificate program for you to consider in order to learn the basics of general web and application programming. This program is designed exclusively for students with little to no experience with computer programming and languages. If you have an interest in being a part of the intriguing field of computer programming, an in-depth certificate program such as this one can set you on track to turn your interests into a career. During your coursework, you can learn to use programming languages such as C++, HTML, and JavaScript. You can utilize what you learn through practical application, which may include introductory website design and object-oriented programming. With this certificate program, you can seek out entry-level positions in the IT field.

Medical Administrative Assistant (Certificate Program)

If you are interested in learning the ins and outs of medical office operations and seeking skills relevant to providing support to healthcare providers, the Medical Administrative Assistant certificate program could be right for you. Students who have completed this program have moved on to work in hospitals and medical care centers all over the country. Some of the topics included within this program are related to financial management and billing, human resources, and customer service. This certificate program can help you get your foot in the door with healthcare organizations within your community.

Medical Coding and Billing (Certificate Program)

If you are interested in taking the first steps on your way to a Medical Coding and Billing career and seeking skills relevant to providing insurance coding and billing support to healthcare providers, the Medical Coding and Billing certificate program could be the right move for you. Students who complete this program may move on to work in entry-level administrative support, or coding and billing positions in hospitals and medical care centers all over the country. Some of the topics included within this program are related to medical terminology, diagnosis and procedure coding, as well as billing practices. This certificate program can help you get your foot in the door to beginning a career with healthcare organizations within your community.

Nursing Education (Graduate) (Certificate Program)

The Nursing Education graduate certificate program is perfect for registered nurses looking to further their careers without having to complete a full master’s degree. In this program, nursing professionals will learn how to skillfully educate and train fellow nurses, patients and the community. Students will learn to develop and present nursing education materials such as staff training and development, health and safety procedures, and wellness programs. This 18-credit-hour certificate can also fulfill employment requirements such as continuing education credits and/or academic credits needed to become a nursing educator.

Nursing Leadership and Organizational Management (Graduate) (Certificate Program)

Prepare for a management or executive role in nursing with this Nursing Leadership and Organizational Management graduate certificate. Designed to be completed in just 12 months, this graduate-level certificate program explores emerging healthcare trends, political influence on the healthcare industry, and other timely concepts related to nursing in a global society. Students can complete this certificate program for a valuable, stand-alone career credential, or transfer credits earned to a full Master of Science in Nursing program at Grantham. Take the next step toward a manager or director title and improved care for your patients.

Practical Entrepreneurship (Certificate Program)

If you have dreams of running your own business, the Practical Entrepreneurship certificate program through UA Grantham can be a great way to bring your idea to life. You can learn what it takes to start from the very beginning, and continue to grow your operations over the lifetime of your business. This program includes elements that can assist you in applying business concepts and principles to your unique idea and how to get it started. Part of this includes the creation of a business plan for your business, theories regarding costs and taxation, and even a review of various laws and licensing requirements that may be included in the operation of a self-owned business. This is the ideal program for the person who wants to venture out on their own and be their own boss.

Project Management (Certificate Program)

If you like to get things done, the UA Grantham Project Management certificate program might be the right choice for you. This program includes elements specific to business operation and leadership. The goal of this program is to provide you with skills relevant to managing the development and implementation of complex projects, as well as potentially leading a team to achieving a common goal.

Project Management (Graduate) (Certificate Program)

After you have completed a bachelor’s degree in business or other related field, you might benefit from enrolling in a certificate program such as Project Management, which specializes in areas such as management and project development. Some of the topics in this program include complex project management, strategic organizational planning, and project analysis. Each of these skills can set you on track for career advancement and larger project management roles.

University of Arkansas Grantham online certificate programs offer you specialized instruction in a specific field or area of study. Our certificate programs are designed to be completed in less than a year, and you must have a high school diploma or equivalent to begin. Graduate-level certificate programs require a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Some credits earned from online certificate programs may be transferrable toward a University of Arkansas Grantham undergraduate or graduate degree.


There is one thing constant about society as you know it – it is frequently changing. With this change, people are expected to evolve along with it, providing modifications to their own way of thinking that aligns with what society expects. While people are always encouraged to maintain their independent thinking, a certain level of adaption is necessary in order to be an active and successful member of society. Educational institutions have provided students with many diverse options for increasing their abilities as professionals and advancing within their current fields. One of the most intriguing options for upcoming students and current professionals is certificate programs.

Certificate programs are a great way for people to move towards having a career that provides well for their family and their lifestyle. There are so many different variations of degree programs available that it can be difficult for upcoming students to choose the path that is appropriate for what they want. At the most basic level, students can enroll in certificate programs that can help to jumpstart their educational experience and give them an advantage over others seeking the same positions. These types of programs can even help students become familiar with the collegiate environment prior to enrolling in higher level degree programs such as the associate or bachelor’s degree.

In many trade fields and entry-level jobs, people may apply in large groups. This can mean a bigger pool of applicants for employers to choose from, which can mean a lower probability that you are the one that gets the job. One of the best aspects of certificate programs is that they can give you an advantage over others. Learning more about your chosen field and receiving a certificate stating that you have successfully completed the training can be a great way to stand out among others hoping for the same position.

Certificate programs may also be a great way to gain more knowledge and expertise within your chosen area of study. Many different colleges offer certificate programs that are relevant to the fields of business, computer science, healthcare and even education. These gigantic fields are some of the biggest employers present within the country, making them great options for upcoming students that are looking for a ticket into these employment areas. Combining these certificate programs with work experience in your future could even lead into better opportunities throughout the years.


Colleges offer certificate programs within a large number of specialty fields found in society. While many new college students believe these are great options for a quick-fix for entry-level employment, people that are currently employed can benefit from them just as much. Current professionals that make the decision to engage in certificate programs can possibly obtain better opportunities due to their additional effort to further their education.

Certificate programs can provide professionals with the continuing education required to advance in their current positions. Some certificate programs can provide people with additional knowledge, evolving technology changes in their field and additional regulatory and legal information pertaining to their area of expertise. Employers may look for signs of dedication and effort within their employees when deciding which person to advance when the time arises.

Individuals that have experience working in their chosen field can improve their resume with the addition of a relevant certificate. For example, a teacher that moves on to receive a certificate in special education could open up more opportunities within her current line of work. Business professionals that receive certification in IT could be seen as assets to companies that deal in sales and technology. There are many different combination opportunities available to professionals that are willing to take the time to engage in these beneficial certificate programs.

Professionals that have full-time positions may sneer at the idea of going back to college to complete another degree. However, when you are feeling stuck in your current position, you may feel like this is your only option to finding a career that proves your worth as a professional. Certificate programs can provide learners with the additional expertise they desire without the 2-4 year commitment of higher degree programs. If you are interested in going to higher places, but do not wish to commit to years of additional education, 1-2 year certificate programs may be the best option for you.

Just like additional training is a major aspect of most career fields, obtaining certification in different areas can help you to achieve the same goal. Employers may constantly push you to expand your boundaries and gain more information about your current field, which is something that could help you advance when the opportunity arises. If you are currently employed but are looking for something more with your career, obtaining a certificate can be a great way to open more doors in your field.