Business Administration - Information Management (Master of Business Administration)

The MBA – Information Management specialization is designed to help students augment their management skills and provide management perspective on various aspects of business, marketing, and information technology. This program will introduce you to theoretical and practical approaches to business administration, and help you develop your own leadership style as it relates to information management. In addition to all of the standard practical components of a master’s level business degree program, you can also expect to take a dive deep into ethical considerations involved in leadership positions within information management. Completion of this online master’s degree program can put you on track for technologically advanced business leadership careers.

Business Administration - Project Management (Master of Business Administration)

The Project Management specialization for Grantham’s MBA program can help you develop the skills you need to plan, lead and manage large-scale projects in the business sector. This online program will provide you with an introduction to methods of strategic analysis and program planning — both of which can set you on track for career advancement and success in businesses all over the U.S. Some of the topics you’ll cover in this program include an overview and investigation of organizational behavior, ethics and quantitative analysis. Graduates of the MBA with a Project Management specialization from University of Arkansas Grantham are excellent candidates for business leadership roles responsible for diverse and complex operations in every industry, at every level.

Business Administration (Master of Business Administration)

The Master of Business Administration at University of Arkansas Grantham is a great way for experienced business professionals to gain leadership insight into the many different facets of business and how it operates. In this online program, you’ll cover economics, marketing, ethics and even human resources. The diverse learning opportunities you’ll experience in this program will provide you with an excellent foundation to build business success throughout your career. UA Grantham’s online MBA can be taken in a standard format — ideal for those new to the field of business — and an accelerated format for professionals that have at least 3 years of experience working in a business-related field. Or, instead of going for a generalized MBA, students have the option of earning their MBA with a specialization in either Project Management or Information Management.

Business Intelligence (Master of Science)

University of Arkansas Grantham’s Master of Science in Business Intelligence program offers the perfect education for those considering careers that focus on better decision making, an in-depth understanding of information technology in the business world, and knowledge of general program analysis. Your online program will help you explore both the people side and the technology side of a business operation as you cover techniques for managing teams of information technology specialists in business-related positions. Coursework in your degree program also examines concepts and strategies that can increase your awareness of decision science, making you an asset for any organization with the desire to remain competitive in the field.

Health Systems Management (Master of Science)

The Health Systems Management graduate degree program blends leadership skills for the healthcare field with an understanding of the impact information technology has in the medical industry. In this online Master of Science program, you will learn more about how information technology plays a role in the function of healthcare systems, programs and applications used regularly in the industry. You’ll also learn to evaluate health care technology systems for potential implementation, and will cover troubleshooting IT issues, as well as concepts relating to IT team management. From courses in data management to instruction in healthcare information resources, you’ll gain invaluable skills that will help you advance your management and technology career within the healthcare field. This degree program will help prepare you to provide valuable support services to hospitals and other medical care centers that use information technology as their primary source of patient and data information storage and management.

Healthcare Administration (Master of Healthcare Administration)

The Master of Healthcare Administration degree program will help you learn more about the business, personnel and practice elements within the healthcare system. If you have experience in the healthcare field, this degree program offers insights and management strategies relevant to hospitals and other healthcare organizations in areas ranging from finance and budgeting to human resources. If you are new to the field, this master’s degree program will get you up-to-speed on the internal schematics of health-related systems in the U.S. so that you can pursue a leadership role in the field. Students just like you have used this online degree program to gain the skills they need to obtain management positions within medical facilities after graduation.


UA Grantham’s Master of Science in Information Management — Project Management degree program blends project management principles with practical elements of information management and strategies for program design and implementation. Businesses that use a variety of information technologies require professionals skilled in both information management and project management to analyze organizational needs and create technological systems and processes to suit their needs. In this online graduate degree program, you’ll examine concepts in the information technology field, as well as the steps needed to plan, conduct and manage a wide variety of IT management projects. Upon completion of this program, you’ll have the education, leadership capabilities and planning skills needed to manage program planning within a wide variety of organizations.

Information Management Technology (Master of Science)

If you have the desire to improve technology-based services in a professional environment, Grantham’s Information Management Technology master’s degree program could be the perfect fit for you. This online graduate program covers everything from data management and information systems to organizational project planning. Through courses in strategic planning, emerging technologies, system analysis and information processing, you’ll gain the skills required to tackle some of the most complex technological issues in information technology. With Grantham’s Information Management Technology degree, you’ll have the education — and credential — you need to pursue a number of leadership opportunities in the IT field.

Information Technology (Master of Science)

Give your IT career a potential management boost with an online Master of Science in Information Technology from University of Arkansas Grantham. This graduate degree program offers an educational mix of the practical skills and industry best practices large-scale IT firms or businesses are looking for. You’ll cover emerging technologies, data systems, networks, strategic planning and IT support in professional settings. Rather than choosing one specific career path, this program gives you a comprehensive look at every aspect of the information technology industry. Courses focusing on networks, systems analysis and software and hardware development can help you build your core IT strengths and position you for future opportunities as your career progresses.

Leadership (Master of Science)

In a blend of theory and practice, Grantham’s leadership degree program gives students an interdisciplinary framework for analyzing and understanding their leadership strengths as well as areas for improvement. And this online degree provides plenty of opportunities to build, improve and refine leadership skills.

Nursing Case Management Specialization (Master of Science in Nursing)

If you are interested in pursuing an online MSN to help further your skills in patient care and case management, the Nursing Case Management Specialization could be the perfect graduate program to help you reach your career goals. In addition to evidence-based case management concepts and best practices, Grantham’s online program covers the clinical skills required to provide patients with high quality care, healthcare system and service analysis, and quantifying patient care services. Courses also cover life care planning, diverse populations and healthcare, advanced practice nursing and more. This specialization for your Master of Science in Nursing could be the key to helping you pursue and obtain management and leadership roles in healthcare and nursing.

Nursing Education Specialization (Master of Science in Nursing)

The Nursing Education Specialization offered online through University of Arkansas Grantham, coupled with your industry experience and expertise, will give you the skills and credential you need to pursue educational opportunities in nursing and healthcare. This online MSN program covers new and emerging trends in the field of nursing, behavior in the healthcare environment and educational methods to help promote success in those you teach — in and out of the classroom. Plus, your degree program focuses on leadership in the healthcare environment as well as diversity in practice settings. Bottom line, you’ll gain the skills you need to design curriculum, teach effectively and evaluate the learning process.

Nursing Informatics Specialization (Master of Science in Nursing)

Give your nursing career a boost with a graduate education that merges your caregiving experience with the future of healthcare systems: Grantham’s Master of Nursing with a specialization in Nursing Informatics. This degree program integrates information technology into your studies about nursing practice to help you become an even more valuable resource to your healthcare team. As a student in this program, you’ll cover topics ranging from data storage, information retrieval and systems troubleshooting to how to analyze clinical and financial information as it impacts healthcare. As a graduate of this online program, you’ll have the solid foundation of nursing, leadership and informatics skills you need to thrive in nursing careers involving systems management and information technology.

Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership Specialization (Master of Science in Nursing)

If you want to increase your chances of obtaining a leadership position— either in your current company or with another healthcare provider — you owe it to yourself to look at the Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership specialization offered through University of Arkansas Grantham’s Master of Science in Nursing program. This program is designed to help you hone your leadership, management and administrative skills in addition to your nursing abilities. In this specialization, you’ll cover topics like personnel management, conflict management and budgeting as you explore trends in leadership, social issues and the promotion of healthcare in general. As a graduate of this degree, you will know you have what it takes to be a healthcare leader and pursue any number of management opportunities.

Performance Improvement (Master of Science)

University of Arkansas Grantham’s online Master of Science in Performance Improvement is the perfect credential for those looking for complex and demanding performance improvement careers in the field of business. This online degree program provides the problem-solving skills and innovative strategies you need to analyze and solve performance issues at every level within your business. Curriculum for this graduate-level program covers topics relating to human performance, performance analysis and human resource management. You’ll hone your communication skills, learn how to measure the effectiveness of performance improvement solutions and generate next-step action plans to maximize performance efficiency down the line. Upon graduation, you’ll have the skills, tactics and insights you need to achieve your goals — personally and professionally.

University of Arkansas Grantham online master degree programs take your education and career to the next level. Our master’s degree programs are designed to be completed in less than two years, and you must have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution to begin.


Just like any new technology or device, online degree programs were forced into a period of insecurity when they were first introduced. This period of questioning and validation left scars on the field of education, which was attempting to provide a more tech-savvy outlet for students that did not have the time or availability to attend classes in person. At one point in time, obtaining an online master’s degree was unheard of in society. As times have changed, more online courses and degree programs have proven themselves as worthy in comparison to their traditional counterpart, changing the way that people view online degree programs in the U.S.

As society moves further and further into the digital age, more people are using the internet for common daily tasks, communication and even daily in their careers. The use of technology for college education is not an uncommon as it once was, since most universities across the country have implemented online degree programs and courses as part of their standard curriculum. These online degree programs are comparable to traditional format, since they use the same materials and often have the same instructors as courses that require attendance in person.

Online degree programs can challenge students to engage in self-learning and motivation that cannot be found in traditional environments. The benefit of completing school work at convenient times may also contribute to how well students absorb the material, since they are comfortable in their environment and timing. If you choose to pursue your master’s in an online setting, you may find that the courses mimic those found in traditional environments with the only differing factor being your time and location.

It is natural to consider the validity of your master’s program prior to enrolling. Students that are conducting a thorough review of their prospective school often consider the accreditation information for both the school and their specific program, the reputation of the school as a whole and the license-specific requirements for their career path. Many online degree programs have received the proper accreditation for the program they are promoting. As a student entering into these programs, you want to make sure that your program has been accredited by the appropriate agency prior to applying to it.

As you choose your degree program, you will want to consider how reliable the curriculum will be and what you can do with your degree after graduating. There are many different forms of degrees in existence today that can make your decision more confusing and possibly cause you to choose a degree program that is not exactly what you need for your career. Utilizing the university’s student services department can help thwart errors such as this one during the enrollment process. Reviewing the curriculum can help you to determine if the program has all of the aspects that you need for your future. This type of review can assist you in choosing a degree program that can contribute to successes throughout your career.


Students who have achieved their bachelor’s degree and plan to move forward into master’s degrees may also wish to learn more about the financial benefits of making such a transition. Master’s degree programs were designed to help students further their understanding of their chosen field and help them to qualify for better paying positions. Having a higher degree can mean more knowledge of your particular field as well as the potential for advancement within current careers. Most master’s degree programs consist of concentrated aspects of specific programs that can allow for more expertise in a student’s chosen field.

With that being said, it is vital for students to consider the costs of pursuing a master’s degree alongside the potential monetary benefits of upgrading a degree. Most master’s programs take around two years to complete for most students, with some being able to be completed in less than 2 years for students willing to invest more time. Tuition rates for these programs can vary depending on where you attend school, making more affordable colleges a better option. According to the BLS, an average tuition for graduate schools of $16,435 per year can add up to over $32,000 for students interested in moving into a master’s degree program.

A lot of upcoming college students also assume that their wages can be much more with a master’s degree than with lower degrees. The question that students most often ask is related to whether or not their financial investment into their master’s degree will be worth it in terms of their earners after the fact. There are many fields in which a master’s degree can give you an advantage over bachelor’s earners in terms of earnings. The list below outlines some of the career fields in which a master’s degree can set you apart from others in the field.
  • Marketing and Sales Managers - $80,000/Bachelor’s - $110,000/Master’s (BLS)
  • Education Administrators - $52,000/Bachelor’s - $75,000/Master’s (BLS)
  • Social Workers - $40,000/Bachelor’s - $50,000/Master’s (BLS)
  • Web Developers - $61,000/Bachelor’s - $75,000/Master’s (BLS)
As you can see from the short list above, the average differences in pay present within some of the largest career fields in the U.S. can make for a significant difference for those that promote their degree to the master’s level. Students that graduate with a master’s in business-related career fields such as the one above could accommodate for the costs of tuition in a little over a year in a higher position.

Different fields can have different levels of employment for individuals at the bachelor’s and master’s level. However, there are some career fields that require a bachelor’s degree, but are willing to pay more to those that have experience in the field or a relevant master’s degree. As you are reviewing your program’s highlights, be sure to consider what type of position you desire in your career and the degree components necessary to achieve it. Even in positions that require a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree can lead to more financial opportunity.