Honoring Our Veteran & Military Students on Independence Day

By Brandon Swenson July 3, 2022

This Independence Day, University of Arkansas Grantham wants to show our appreciation for all our military and veteran service members, especially those in our own school community. As we reflect on this important national holiday, we are grateful to all—past and present—who have played a role in protecting our country and our freedoms.

Together, America’s seven branches of military (the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard and National Guard) represent nearly 3 million service members and civilians who support this mission.

They protect us from direct threats on American soil, as well as helping to maintain peace, stability and human rights all over the world. This role is critical to preserving—for Americans of all ages and backgrounds—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, just as the United States Declaration of Independence promised.


Celebrating Our Veterans


The Fourth of July inspires pride in the USA and in those who have served to protect it. It may be filled with flags, fireworks and food, but we know the true meaning of this special holiday lies not with how we celebrate the day but who we’re honoring.

This day marks our independence and is the perfect time to remember the freedoms we are afforded here. As a celebration of our country’s birth, we can look back and praise those who fought so valiantly to create the nation and all it stands for.

It’s also a good occasion to honor those who have served to protect the American way of life in the nearly 250 years since. After all, our servicemen and servicewomen have worked tirelessly to support and defend it.


Supporting Our Students


On Independence Day and all year long, UA Grantham is committed to supporting our military students. As a school founded by a veteran for veterans, we have a legacy of providing an education that is designed to transform the lives of service members. It can be challenging to transition from your military service to civilian life, and UA Grantham is eager to help you at every step of the way.

Our dedication to veteran and military students starts with our Military Aid Program, which offers a special discounted tuition rate for all military ranks and branches, first responders and licensed or certified patient care workers. It also includes complimentary textbooks and software, a waiver for your technology fees and a no-cost Prior Learning Assessment evaluation to determine possible transfer credit opportunities. We know how vital families are to supporting our military, which is why this unique program also benefits the spouses and children of eligible heroes.

In addition to a host of student resources and support services for all UA Grantham students, our advisors provide tailored services specifically for military and veteran students. Whether you’re seeking comprehensive goal planning that incorporates your military experience, ADA accommodations to ensure you’re succeeding in the virtual classroom, or resources to help you maximize your military benefits, the advising team can help you with all of these and more.

It can be difficult to invest in your education while you are still serving in the armed forces, working full- or part-time, or supporting a family. But with 100% online degree programs at UA Grantham, you can ensure your education doesn’t sit on the back burner with access to our flexible and convenient virtual programming.

We have seen, decade after decade, the impact that postsecondary education can have on our military students’ lives, and we can’t wait to be part of your educational journey.


Are you ready to invest in your future with a school who honors your military service? Contact us today to learn how you can begin your online degree program.

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About the Author

Brandon Swenson
Brandon Swenson, communications manager, is on University of Arkansas Grantham’s editorial board. A veteran and college graduate himself, he understands the benefits and intricacies of government education programs, such as veteran education benefits. Brandon earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City toward the end of his nearly two-decade tour in the United States Marine Corps.
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