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By John Koehler April 3, 2019

Information technology is much more than troubleshooting and support. In a world of constantly evolving tech, experts in information technology are essential to the management of information, the development and maintenance of systems, and to guiding change.

UA Grantham recognizes how critical these roles are across all industries – and that students must be prepared not only for the information technology of today, but for the continued evolution of tech tools and processes of tomorrow. That’s why UA Grantham’s College of Engineering and Computer Science offers relevant information technology master’s degrees that teach students to effectively support growing and changing technology needs.

What are students prepared for?

Information technology master’s programs can help students pursue a wide range of careers– including management, project management, analyst, programmer and developer roles. Graduates of these programs often work in fields like information technology, computer and information systems, software and application development, data processing and technical services.

They may opt for employment with large corporations, manufacturers or financial institutions or they might choose positions in professional, scientific or technical organizations. Some even put their skills to use in local, state or federal government bodies or agencies. Information technology skills are essential to just about any organization that relies on information systems. But while the job possibilities are varied, many of the core skills are similar across all programs.

What will students learn?

When preparing for a career in technology, it can feel overwhelming knowing just how quickly the landscape is changing. New tools, features and best practices are constantly emerging. UA Grantham’s information technology master’s degree programs are designed to provide a solid foundation for students who are seeking to advance their careers toward innovative and management-level positions – with the understanding that continuing professional development will always be key in order to keep up with changes in the industry.

UA Grantham’s online degree programs include courses that help students master complex (and critical) skills, such as strategic planning, project management, organizational behavior, communications and business ethics. These courses teach students how to effectively manage and lead projects, while also preparing them to adapt to new technologies and standards after they have graduated and embarked on their career path.

Information Technology (Master of Science)

UA Grantham’s information technology master’s program prepares students to work in analyst, developer and research scientist positions. Graduates may pursue careers as systems managers, computer network architects or telecommunications engineering specialists.

Graduates will have a thorough understanding of how computing and information systems work and will be able to leverage this for the benefit of their organization. They will be trained in problem solving, designing and implementing systems, evaluating processes for effectiveness, and evaluating emerging technologies for relevancy and efficiency. These skills prepare students to both support existing systems and develop new ones to meet their employer’s needs.

Information Management Technology (Master of Science)

In the information management technology program at UA Grantham, students learn skills to help them lead change in their organization. Graduates will be trained in project management, implementing information systems, evaluating emerging technologies and their impact, and engaging in strategic planning to meet long-term objectives. Courses help students succeed in organizational behavior and planning, project management and information management.

Organizations everywhere rely on data, networks and systems. Upon earning this degree, students will be ready to support and maintain their organization’s needs. Graduates of the Information Management Technology Master of Science program are set up to succeed at the manager and director levels.

Information Management – Project Management (Master of Science)

Students in UA Grantham’s information management – project management degree program learn how to develop and analyze project plans while accounting for risk, system needs and system life cycle. Skilled in defining these needs for information systems, they are also trained to evaluate the impacts of potential technological changes on those systems, as well as on the organization as a whole.

Core competencies

UA Grantham’s six core professional competencies are also woven into the courses throughout each program. The programs all prioritize communication (oral, written and non-verbal), distributed collaboration (effective collaboration across time and place), professional and social responsibilities (promoting integrity, accountability and ethical behavior), critical thinking and problem solving (analytical decision making), career management (pursuing opportunities in the workplace), and data aptitude (information literacy). These skills are critical to success in both work and in life.

And as with nearly any technology-related training, students in each of these programs learn to recognize and value the need for ongoing professional development and continuing education. Students are also prepared to account for the potential ethical, legal and security implications of systems and processes through their work.

These programs are all offered completely online, allowing students to finish projects at home and at their own pace. Each of these three online master’s degree programs requires 37 credit hours and typically takes 24 months to complete.

Are you ready to begin pursuing an information technology master’s degree at UA Grantham? Courses start monthly and we are ready to help you get started. Contact us online or call (800) 955-2527 to get more information and to begin the enrollment process.

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