College of Nursing Philosophy and Mission

Mission Statement - College of Nursing

University of Arkansas Grantham's College of Nursing Faculty is committed to transforming nursing through the provision of an innovative advanced nursing education that removes barriers such as accessibility, deployment, and discrimination. The College of Nursing provides an asynchronous online learning community for students from diverse cultures to expand the evidence-based practice of professional nursing through transformational leadership leading to improved health outcomes in a global society.

Philosophy of Nursing

The global society requires the nurse to be competent in digital literacy and technological skills to maintain evidence-based practice that leads to improved health outcomes and interdisciplinary collaboration. Nursing education embraces innovation in curriculum delivery and promotes asynchronous learning in a virtual environment.

Nursing practices in a multicultural society and creates a caring, respectful environment that values the uniqueness of each person. Nursing education fosters respect for cultural and ethnic diversity and focuses on personal and professional growth of the learner.

Nursing utilizes evidence-based practice to guide performance. Critical thinking involves the integration of inquiry, analysis and judgment to provide enhanced outcomes in patient-centered care. Post-licensure programs contribute to the body of nursing knowledge through strategic curriculum design that incorporates authentic, scholarly projects.

Communication, through written, verbal, non-verbal and electronic modes along with collaborative skills, produces a positive work environment, enhances the productivity of the nursing team, and promotes interpersonal relationships leading to patient-centered care. Interdisciplinary practice depends on teamwork to produce effective outcomes in the contemporary healthcare environment.

Nursing education also participates in quality improvement to provide a current, rigorous curriculum that is consistent with contemporary practice and technological advances. Quality improvement is a core value in healthcare leading to improved safety and positive patient care outcomes. Professional nursing participates in quality improvement processes and is committed to continual performance improvement to deliver the highest standards of care to a diverse population.

Professional standards are upheld through moral, ethical and legal conduct with an assumption of personal accountability for all personal and professional actions. Evaluation of professional responsibilities is an ongoing process in response to the needs of the nursing profession in a global society.

In conclusion, the nursing faculty accepts responsibility to provide students with quality educational experiences necessary for personal and professional growth. Likewise, graduates understand the extent and limitations of their roles and are encouraged to evaluate their professional responsibilities to society through continuing education.

Consistent with the philosophical statements contained in this document and the University mission, the faculty will incorporate these beliefs throughout the nursing curriculum.