Federal Student Aid (FSA) Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Rights and Responsibilities of all Grantham students are discussed in the University of Arkansas Grantham Catalog. Additional Rights and Responsibilities of students who apply for and/or receive Federal Student Aid (FSA) are detailed below.

The rights listed below apply to eligible students who have reached 18 years of age or are attending an institution of post-secondary education. When a person becomes an eligible student, the rights accorded to and the consent required of parents under this part, transfer from the parents to the student.

Student Rights

    • To know what it costs to attend University of Arkansas Grantham, including estimates for tuition, fees, and books
    • To know what financial aid programs are available, how to apply for those programs, and how eligibility is determined
    • To request an explanation of financial aid awards
    • To know how and when financial aid awards will be disbursed
    • To know the University’s refund policy and what happens if he/she withdraws or drops out of school during the term
    • To know what portion of FSA funds must be repaid (loans) and what portion is gift-aid (grants)
    • To know what information the university provides and collects during required Direct Loan Exit Counseling
    • To know the interest rate, total amount which must be repaid, and repayment procedures, for any loans received
    • To know the standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), which he/she is required to maintain and the criteria for re-establishing eligibility for financial assistance if lost as a result of failure to maintain SAP
    • To know where to get information about the many student services available at University of Arkansas Grantham.
    • To know about the availability of university information including degree programs, faculty, student retention and completion, services for students with disabilities, the names of accrediting agencies, and any career services
    • To challenge or appeal financial aid awards and other university decisions
    • To protection of student records provided for under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Student Responsibilities

    • To ensure the accuracy and integrity of any information submitted by the student or on his/her behalf, and to understand that intentionally misreporting FSA information is a violation of federal law subject to fine and/or imprisonment.
    • To provide additional documentation as requested to verify financial aid information and resolve any discrepancies
    • To notify the Office of Financial Aid of any changes to financial aid application information including living arrangements, address, number of dependents, enrollment status, and amounts of outside sources of financial assistance
    • To understand, accept accountability for, and keep copies of all forms signed by the student
    • To adhere to the terms agreed upon in the student’s Declaration of Intent form
    • To formally accept any financial aid awarded which the student wishes to receive
    • To complete Entrance and Exit Counseling, if receiving Federal Direct Loans
    • To keep track of all student loans received and the total amount owed by the student
    • To communicate with the Accounting Office about issues regarding account balances and payments due
    • To inform his/her Student Advisor of any updates to “preferred” student contact information reported to the university
    • To know his/her rights and responsibilities under FERPA, including how to authorize a release of information, how to terminate authorizations, and exceptions to FERPA provided under the Patriot Act
    • To notify the Department of Education of any changes to name, address, or school of attendance (Direct Loan borrowers)
    • To read, understand, and adhere to all policies and procedures described in the University of Arkansas Grantham Catalog

Rights and Responsibilities of Students Under the Title IV, HEA Loan Programs

The Direct Subsidized and Direct Unsubsidized Loan Borrower’s Rights and Responsibilities Statement can be found on this MPN PDF form (Please note, this is NOT where you complete the official MPN in order to receive Federal Direct Loans, that is done on the Federal Student Aid, studentaid.gov, website).