Federal Student Aid (FSA) Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Rights and Responsibilities of all Grantham students are discussed in the University of Arkansas Grantham Catalog. Additional Rights and Responsibilities of students who apply for and/or receive Federal Student Aid (FSA) are detailed below.

The rights listed below apply to eligible students who have reached 18 years of age or are attending an institution of post-secondary education. When a person becomes an eligible student, the rights accorded to and the consent required of parents under this part, transfer from the parents to the student.

Student Rights

Student Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities of Students Under the Title IV, HEA Loan Programs

The Direct Subsidized and Direct Unsubsidized Loan Borrower’s Rights and Responsibilities Statement can be found on this MPN PDF form (Please note, this is NOT where you complete the official MPN in order to receive Federal Direct Loans, that is done on the Federal Student Aid, studentaid.gov, website).